东湖别墅 《和谐相处,如在图画中》— 春日东湖别墅中的生命之美


东湖别墅 《和谐相处,如在图画中》— 春日东湖别墅中的生命之美

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-A Harmony Like in a Painting: 

The Beauty of Life at the East Lake Villas on a Spring Day-







A group guests of avian


Every spring festival, East Lake Villas welcomes a group of fluffy little guests - birds. These birds come to nest here not only because of the excellent and harmonious natural environment but also because of a unique tranquility and warmth that make them feel at ease, just like returning to their own homes. Sometimes they play in groups by the lake, sometimes they stop to eat in pairs in the woods. Their presence gives East Lake Villas more life style and interesting. 


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This harmonious coexistence also reflects the concept of East Lake Villas: the buildings here complement the natural landscape, allowing people to appreciate the beauty of coexistence between humans and nature. It inherits the classic style of Suzhou gardens, skillfully arranging pavilions, rockeries, ponds, flowers, grasses, and trees. Up close, there are fragrant flowers and aromatic trees. For few distances, you can enjoy the views of mountains, rivers, fields, forests, and gardens, with each season having its unique beauty. This scenery makes people feel as if they are in a fairyland, experiencing the beauty of nature.


The beauty of East Lake not only in the scenery, but also in its culture. The effective communication and cooperation between departments and the mutual assistance and solidarity among employees gather wisdom and power for East Lake to build a united and loving family together. This harmonious working style adds more charm to the beauty of East Lake. Here, people can enjoy a harmonious life, let their souls be released in nature, and be nourished in the Huizhou architecture community. East lake Villas is an ideal place that pursues a harmonious, natural and beautiful life.


35 Donzhimenwai Main Street, Beijing