东湖别墅 | 儿童节的诗篇与彩梦


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The Children's Day at East Lake Villas is like a cheerful poem, softly sung between parents and children. The sunlight of that day seemed to be especially brightened by our laughter, casting dappled light through the cracks in the leaves.


Children gathered together, holding colorful paintbrushes in their hands, their eyes sparkling with anticipation. DIY hand-painted kites were not just a creative journey, but also a means of emotional exchange between parents and children. The children's small hands held the paintbrushes, carefully depicting their dreams, while parents stood by patiently guiding and encouraging them.

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On the kites, colorful patterns gradually emerged; some drew cute cartoon characters, while others depicted the heroes in the children's minds. Every stroke and every line embodied the love and hope between parents and children. Laughter filled the air, with parents standing guard and enjoying this precious parent-child time.


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Looking back on this Children's Day event, my heart is filled with warmth and emotion. This corner of East Lake Villas has witnessed our laughter and growth, making us cherish each other's company and time even more. May every Children's Day be as beautiful and unforgettable as this one.


East Lake Villas was awarded the title of "Annual Hotel-serviced Apartment" at the 19th China Culture & Tourism Starlight Awards

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