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East Lake Villas, a piece of land far away from the hustle and bustle, showcases its unique ecological charm in this beautiful spring season. After the lake water management work was completed, the lake surface is like a mirror, clear and transparent, reflecting the blue sky, white clouds, and the fresh greenery on the shore. The fountain on the lake seems like the breath of nature, gushing out and turning into sparkling water droplets, shimmering with a dreamlike brilliance under the sunlight.


The Suzhou garden has also undergone professional refurbishment and upgrades. The lawns are lush and green; the trees provide ample shade, and the flowers are in full bloom. Every step taken here feels like entering a world of poetry and distance. The fragrance of flowers, the singing of birds, it is like a fairyland on earth.


The beauty of the ecological environment at East Lake Villas has attracted the admiration of many rare waterfowl. Six beautiful mandarin ducks arrive gracefully, playing in the water, cuddling with each other, becoming a beautiful sight here. Subsequently, wild ducks and egrets also come one after another, leisurely swimming or dancing gracefully, composing a harmonious chapter of nature's symphony together.


Many kind-hearted guests also come to release beautiful koi fish into the lake. These colorful fish swim freely in the water, coexisting harmoniously with mandarin ducks, wild ducks, egrets, and other waterfowl, creating beautiful ecological scenes. Their arrival not only adds infinite vitality and vigor to East Lake Villas but also conveys people's reverence and care for life and nature.


Spring at East Lake Villas is a vivid ecological picture and a beautiful natural poem. Here, the lake water is clear, the fountain is lively, the garden are beautiful, the waterfowl sing joyfully, and the koi swim freely. Every view is full of the power of life and aesthetics, making people daydream and reluctant to leave.


Let us cherish this beautiful land together and let the beauty of the ecological environment at East Lake Villas forever bloom in our hearts.


East Lake Villas was awarded the title of "Annual Hotel-serviced Apartment" at the 19th China Culture & Tourism Starlight Awards

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